Sonntag, 17. Oktober 2010


Ok, I decided to create a Pollimerase blog to upload sketches of the chapters for those who are interested in how ... I get things done.
Actually, to be honest, I started Pollimerase out of a whim, I began to draw the first pages after a night out with friends because I felt like doing something and just didn't want to go to bed. I ended up drawing until seven in the morning and it was actually a great feeling to have created, well, something spontaneously. I think it is okay to say that I don't have the whole concept worked out and the story, if there is something like a real 'plot' to Pollimerase, is something I make up along the way. There will be no deeper meaning behind Pollimerase anyway.

This was drawn after the trip to London last year- hey, it's Kai and Mari! Only, at that time, I didn't know their names and when I began to draw the comic ... well, I have that habit some of you might know very well; sometimes I draw characters and later use them again to make it look like they are actual characters I've well thought out. But it's not like that, it has in my life very rarely been that way round, thinking of the personality first and then drawing the character. For me, it was always the other way round.
But if you think about it ... if you draw a character at random, like that autonomous writing thingy, only with drawing, the outcome may be something ... entirely surprising! It's like you just drew someone passing by, a total stranger, then you start to think what kind of guy he might be, what his personality is, what he likes or dislikes. Depending on how he looks. You get what I mean? It's really fun!
But maybe it's just a sorry excuse for me not doing things on a more professional level. Anyway. That's how Pollimerase originated.

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